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I'm SO glad you're here. So! Here's (most) everything you need to know about me...I’m a connecter. I believe in the power of vulnerability in shared imagery and storytelling. I believe that this is what social media is for! It’s a wonderful tool that can be used to encourage and inspire. With every original photo I share, and everything I write, my hope is to give life to others, and to continue the practice of vulnerability myself. I want us all to KNOW we're not alone. I want to motivate people to uncover their own creative hearts, and discover freedom + courage in sharing their own stories. This passion takes me absolutely everywhere. I shoot regularly around my home city of Nashville, Tennessee, but I also love to travel! Travel is SUCH a beautiful and humbling thing. I lived a long time with chronic pain that kept me locked up in my house, but making certain lifestyle changes eventually healed me and now I love to share the beauty of adventuring. Because of the physical healing I experienced after altering my diet, I also love to share recipes and tips that have benefitted my body and mind. So that’s me! I’m about vulnerability, creating, adventuring and self-care. I treasure the relationships I have with the humans who follow my journey. I consider you dear friends, and I'm so excited to share more life, healing and JOY with you!

For those curious about my gear, I currently shoot on a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV with a Canon 24-70L 2.8 lens (my FAVORITE), and I illustrate primarily on my Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16 when I'm not doing physical watercolor painting or Copic Marker illustrations.